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Our Art Projects

Digital Pet Portrait


To place an order please send us a message to

We offer two options:

1.Custom digital pet portrait: JPEG or PNG
*max printing size 16x20          
2.Custom digital pet pop art: JPEG or PNG
*max printing size 18x18

Price: minimum donation of $20

The project will be a year long project and at the end of the year, the donations will be divided into three:
Teacher's Pet
A non profit organization that pairs hard-to-adopt shelter dogs with at risk youth.
Konza Greens
An organization that promotes and supports a culture of tree planting among children in public schools located in local communities in Kenya.
Bali Dog Association
A nonprofit organization that provides a safe haven rescue shelter for Bali stray dogs and to protect them from meat traders.

For more examples of our work follow us on Instagram and Facebook

Plastic bag sculptures



The majority of plastic bags end in lanfdfills or as litter on our oceans and lands. We are working on creating plastic bags sculptures using as many plastic bags as possible. One hundred percent of the sale will be donated to orphaned and vulnerable children in Kakamega, Kenya and to farm animals at Sasha Farm in Michigan.

Humane Society of Macomb Project



Paper Mache sculptures made with recycled material, plastic bags and cardboard. In support of the Humane Society of Macomb for their fundraising efforts.


Lemur Conservation
Foundation Project



Paper Mache sculptures made with recycled material, plastic bags and cardboard. In support of the Lemur Conservation Foundation for their fundraising efforts.


South Africa Project



Paper Mache sculptures made with recycled material, plastic bags and cardboard. With the money raised from our animal sculptures, we will be purchasing more than 60 fruit and nuts trees that will be planted on school grounds and communities in need and help to create a self-sustainable living in the area of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We believe that trees are important for children, animals and the environment


Sasha Farm Project
Farm Animal Collages, Recycled Cereal Boxes.



Selling watercolor farm animal collages, made of recycled cereal boxes to benefit SASHA Farm, Michigan. Framed and 8" x 8"

Teacher's Pet Project

2018 - 2019

Paper Mache sculptures made with recycled material to benefit 

Teacher's Pet, an intervention program that pairs troubled youth with hard-to-adopt shelter dogs.

Visit to learn more.


Sasha Farm Project
Farm Animal Paintings 



Selling acrylic paintings and books to benefit SASHA Farm, Michigan. We raised $878.50 for Sasha Farm.

Digital Art Project

2017 - present


Decorate and accessorize with our

unique products, tote bags, t-shirts,

mugs, phone cases and much more!!

We will donate 50% of the proceeds

to a charity benefiting children and

animals at the end of each year. The other 50% will go to fund future art projects.

Click on our stores below to shop.

Costa Rica Project
Helping Children 


Helping children in Costa Rica. We raised $700 selling our book and bought clothes, food and diapers and delivered them in Costa Rica. Coco Knots the Globetrotter and Coco Knots El Trotamundo

(Spanish version), tell the true story of our rescued dog Coco and his travels around the world. It teaches about compassion, animal welfare, friendship, diversity, climate and global awareness through a cute and simple story. No pictures allowed at the orphanage.

Illustrations to help homeless, Detroit, MI​


"Everything Big Starts Somewhere Small" is a beautiful book written by the talented writer Tammi Landry-Gilder and illustrated by us.

Read all about Caleb White and how he started his amazing organization to help homeless people in Detroit, MI.

To learn more about Caleb White Project visit

and to order your book visit

Recycle Help Dream


Animals inspired our paper mache sculptures, made with 98% recycled materials. 50% of the sale price will be donated to one of the following organizations The Humane Society, Saint Jude's Children Hospital, SASHA Farm Sanctuary, Make a Wish Foundation or Ethical Choices Program.

Tulips - Helping Children in Brazil


Money raised was used to buy food to help children in need in the northeast of Brazil, helping local project Apoitcha.

Helping Farm Animals


Paper mache animal sculptures to benefit SASHA Farm, Michigan.

Helping Saint Jude's


Small paintings to benefit Saint Jude's Children Hospital.

Farm Animal Paintings


Small paintings to benefit SASHA Farm, Michigan.

Nicaragua Project.
Helping children 



Clay bracelets and necklaces to raise funds and help disadvantaged children in Nicaragua.​

Blankets for kids in Michigan


Make baby blankets

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