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         Coco Knots The Globetrotter       Coco Knots El Trotamundo

Coco Knots the Globetrotter is based on the true story of our rescued dog Coco Knots and his travels around the world. It teaches about compassion, animal welfare, friendship, diversity, climate and global awareness through a simple and cute story. The book is 24 pages non glossy, full color, 6x9 paperback. Level Early readers. Also in Spanish version, Coco Knots El Trotamundo!


This charmingly written and illustrated children's book by preteen Sofia and teen-age siblings Isabella and Diego is their first published work. The book is both entertaining and educational. Coco Knots, the main character, is a rescued dog who travels the world and learns about diversity, culture, and climate. This book reflects the creativity and talents of these siblings as well as their appreciation for diversity.

Virginia Altrogge Ed.D.

Associate Professor

Webster University

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