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A day in Positano

During our trip to Europe we traveled to the Amalfi coast and spend a day in Positano, Italy. We drove from Sorrento to Positano in a curvy road with a beautiful view. If you get car sick, it is better to take some medication, it can get you kind of dizzy. While we were there the heat was practically melting us, the south of Italy gets very hot in July. We only had a day in Positano so we decided to make it worth it.

Since we arrived early in the day, we walked to a little café near the shore and close to a gorgeous church. We ate crepes and drank fresh squeezed orange juice. Every time we travel around Europe we love to drink their fresh squeezed orange juice. I wish they had it in supermarkets near home as well.

After breakfast we went to the beach, however there was no sand but instead there were rocks. The rocks weren't sharp, it seems they were polished by the water. There were a lot o people sitting in rented beach chairs enjoying the view. There was a slight breeze in the air and tiny waves that hit you as you were in the water. My brother went paddle boarding and my sister and I swam in the Mediterranean sea. The water was cold at first but later felt good. At the sea there were many boats docked further in the water. My brother was trying to paddle board and not fall in the water from the waves the boats were creating.

Later in the day, my family and I went to explore more of Positano. There are many houses in the cliff and many little roads to walk around. There are a lot of cute shops, cafes and restaurants. We also walked through a covered area where we saw a bunch of artists selling their art to others who appreciate their work. They had handmade jewelry and different original paintings.

Even tough the heat was intense and there were many people, we had a lot of fun in Positano. I would definitely would love to go back some day.

Written by Sofia


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