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A different view of Mexico

When you think about traveling to Mexico, people usually think about the capital and the beaches in the south. The north is usually forgotten and is seen as dangerous. We made the city of Saltillo, Coahuila our home for three years and we got to see how beautiful that part of the country was.

Near our house there was a museum, Museo del desierto, which became one of our go to places. As a kid I was fascinated with animals and the museum grew my interest. Every time we went we saw something new, from a market to even a new exhibit.

Another museum we went to in Saltillo was el museo del la Katrina, Katrina means death in Mexico. This museum is a great way to understand the tradition of “El dia de los Muertos” a part of Mexican culture. It was very interesting and beautiful. We even had hot chocolate and pan de muerto (dead bread) joined by a skeleton in our table, don’t worry it was not a real one.

Our trips in the state of Coahuila did not end there, we went to Parras de la Fuentes, a small town with a beautiful Mexican charm. Around the area we went to Dunas de Bilbao, an amazing place with white sand dunes.

In Saltillo it got cold at night, freezing temperatures. Since it was in the desert it made sense that it got cold at night, in the winter it even snowed. Since the weather conditions were very extreme, me and my family started to rescue dogs from the street. We saved around ten dogs and placed them in homes and kept two of them with us, Emmy and Coco.

Before we left Saltillo we went sledding in Monte Real, a beautiful ski resort.

We also visited Zacatecas city, the capital of the state of Zacatecas. In that historical city, we took a tour around the city to see the older architecture, churches, and it's history. We even saw the city from above, when we rode a cable car. The main attraction in Zacatecas was the Mine of Eden. This was going to be my first time in the mine and I was excited. I put on the hard hat and went in a small mine car. We saw what the mine was famous for and when we came out we happy to breathe fresh air.

During our stay in Mexico we also visited Monterrey. Monterrey has many things to do and the Paseo Santa Lucia is a beautiful place to walk around. After we went to a park called Bioparque Estrellas, it had a lot of fun activities. The best part of being in Monterrey was the sunsets with Montaña Cerro de la Silla in the background. Mexico is a country with a difficult history, but its people and its culture is absolutely amazing.

written by Diego


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