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Beautiful Barcelona

Traveling to Spain was an adventure of a lifetime. I really enjoyed my trip to Spain and would highly recommend going there. We started our journey in Barcelona. Barcelona is known for its architecture from Antoni Gaudí. He has designed many of the building around the city. We visited Casa Mila, La Pedrera, and Casa Batlló.

We also visited Park Guell, which is a famous park in Barcelona that consists of areas and gardens covered in Gaudi's architectural designs. While there we took many pictures and admired the beautiful art around us.

Later that night we checked out the most famous market in Barcelona called La Boqueria. It was like a huge shopping mall full of little stands with vendors selling fresh food. There was all the food you can imagine, there was fruits, fish, desserts, etc. We bought some noodles from a local vendor and sat on a bench nearby to enjoy our dinner. It was a nice night and the noodles were delicious.

The next day we headed to Camp Nou stadium. Home to FC Barcelona, a very famous soccer team. That team also happens to be my favorite team so I was extra excited to go. We spent a few hours in the stadium observing the trophy room, the field, and the two story store!

Later that day we went to the Placa Catalunya, which is a large square that's full of people and pigeons. Since there were so many pigeons we even got to feed them some seeds. To further our evening of sightseeing we visited the Catedral de Barcelona and the Arc de Triomf.

On our last day in Barcelona we visited the most famous monument in all of Barcelona the Sagrada Familia. The Sagrada Familia is the unfinished basílica located in Barcelona and receives tons of tourists every year.

While we were there we got fortunate to enter inside and admire the beautiful church. Sagrada Familia was designed by Antoni Gaudí as well and is still under construction today. If you ever visit the basilica, you can take the stairs up on one of the towers. My family and I decided to do so, and went up the narrow steps of one of the Passion towers. The spiral staircases consist of 504 steps with some looking points on the way. I don't quite remember how high we went up by I do remember the spiral staircase and small openings/windows that one passes along the way.

We went home in awe of the beautiful architecture that is composed by the Sagrada Familia. Sadly that concluded our visit in Barcelona, but next we traveled to the Capital of Spain, Madrid.

written by Isabella


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