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Coco Knots The Globetrotter

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Coco Knots The Globetrotter is a character based in our rescued dog Coco. We found Coco in the streets of Mexico in a very bad shape. We brought him home to join our already family of rescued dogs. Coco got better day by day and survived against all odds. We brought him back to the United States with us and Emmy, another rescued from Mexico.

Coco has an adventurous life as he travels from the desert to the snow and then to Brazil northeast coast and back again.

We wrote a book about the story of Coco Knots. It teaches about compassion, animal welfare, friendship, diversity, climate and global awareness through a simple and cute story. The book is 24 pages non glossy, full color, 6x9 paperback. Level Early readers. It is written also in Spanish, Coco Knots El Trotamundo!

You can purchase the English version book or ebook following the link below

You can purchase the Spanish version book or ebook following the link below

We decided to use Coco Knots as a character to share all our travel experiences. As we believe that traveling has opened our eyes and mind to different points view.

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