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Natal, Brazil: The Sandy Dunes

We traveled to Natal, which is in the northeastern part of Brazil. It is a beautiful city that is 4 hours away from Recife. Some airlines travel directly to Natal or Recife.

We decided to go on a buggy ride on the amazing sand dunes of Natal, the following day. We woke up eagerly waiting for a ride to pick us up. We were told that we could choose the intensity of the ride we wanted; with emotion or no emotion! Since it was our first time on a buggy ride, we choose to take it easy and choose "no emotion". Thinking it was with no emotion I was more excited than nervous at this point.

On our way to the sand dunes I was extremely excited but still a little nervous. I had never been on anything like that and I was not sure what to expect. As we approached the dunes, we put our sunglasses and held on tight to the rails of the car.

We started of slow and I thought to myself "Oh! this isn't to bad", but as the ride progressed we drove up and down higher and steeper hills and soon enough we were flying through the air.

The sand was in my face, my heart was dropping, and I tried very hard not to open my mouth, because sand was flying everywhere. It felt like I was on a roller coaster that wouldn't stop.

After the first hill of the ride my hair was already knotty. Many hills later, the ride was over and we drove back to the hotel. I was sad because it was already over. I had an amazing time and couldn't wait to go again, the next time we will take it with emotion!

We then enjoyed our afternoon at the beach and by the pool. We were staying at a very big hotel, Serhs, right along the beach. The view was incredible! You could see the sand dunes, the city, and the beach right from your seat at the pool.

Written by Isabella


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