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Neuschwanstein Castle and Füssen, Germany

One early morning we boarded a train to Füssen from Munich, Germany. The train ride was about 2 hours long, nonstop to Füssen. We went through small towns, beautiful forests and green farmland.

We made it to Füssen and we immediately were stunned at how beautiful the town of Füssen is and all of the cute little shops, small streets and plazas. While we were in Füssen we looked around and ate some local favorites including a döner kebab. A döner kebab is a type of sandwich, that usually contains meat, tomato, lettuce, pickles and other vegetables and served on pita bread (we had the vegetarian döner) .

While touring the city we also ate some ice cream and watched a 10K race as some of the runners ran through the city streets.

After touring Füssen we decided to head up to the Neuschwanstein Castle, which was a 5 minute bus ride from Füssen to Hohenschwangau. From the bus stop, we walked up all the way to the castle and we were in astonished by how beautiful the castle was, the castle resembled the Disney Cinderella castle but had some differences, this was real. The castle was so pretty and was definitely worth the walk up the mountain. On our way up, we also saw another castle, Hohenschwangau Castle.

We later walked a very small pedestrian bridge, Queen Mary’s Bridge. The bridge gave a wonderful view of the castle.

There were many people visiting the castle so the lines were pretty long. Overall Füssen felt like a fairytale, the town was gorgeous and the castle was to die for. I would definitely go back.

written by Sofia


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