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Penguins, Glacier and Beautiful Patagonia, Chile

Do you want to feel like you are about to take off and fly? The island of Magdalena is located in the Strait of Magellan off the coast of southern Chile. The island is home of a small flightless bird, the Magellanic penguin. The colony of penguins return to the island to laid eggs and raise their young every October, later in their winter they migrate to the south of Brazil looking for warmer waters.

In the island, the penguins waddle around through the tough winds and also go swimming with the waves pushing them back. They also take care of their young in burrows. I know what your thinking, does it smell like fish? No, it does not because of the wind. The wind is so strong that it pushes you off your feet and makes you feel you are about to fly. Tourists who travel to see the penguins are allow to walk in trails and visit a museum on the island.

On your way back to mainland there is a possibility to see marine life as well. Dolphins and whales could pop out of the water at any moment, some dolphins did during our trip.

You can book your trip to Magdalena in the city of Punta Arenas, Chile.

The city of Punta Arenas is located in the southern tip of the Chilean Patagonia. The architecture is very similar to European cities. The city is beautiful, since we visited in the summer it barely got dark at night. Also, it was very safe and very windy.

One of the most extraordinary national parks is not extremely far away from Punta Arenas. So, we decided to visit. We took a bus to Puerto Natales and from there we took another bus to Torres del Paine National Park.

It was a long drive, especially because of the dirt roads in the park. However, the view is like a dream come true. Inside the park you can either go camping or stay in lodges, some lodges offer you many things to do.

We went hiking and saw guanacos, a family member of the llamas and alpacas.

Horseback Riding was another option. We galloped through cold rivers, dark woods, and plains. It felt like the movie "Lord of the Rings" or like my sisters say "Into the Woods".

We also visited the Grey Glacier. The glacier is 104.2 mi2, it is retreating and at this rate it will be gone in 150 years.

Seeing the glacier changes your perspective of the world and what is occurring with pollution and global warming.

Although, it was cold, the scenery of the mountains were the most beautiful things I have seen in my life.

Written by Diego


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