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Short n’ Sweet- Geneva, Switzerland

On our adventures around Europe we decide to make a quick stop in Geneva, Switzerland. We had never been to the Swiss Alps so it was an exciting experience for us. In order to arrive in Geneva, we took a bus from Annecy, France (the French Alps). The bus arrived in Geneva early in the day and we started sightseeing right away. We were only spending one day in Geneva so we had to get started right away. We visited the UN building first.

We walked there using Google Maps on our phone. When we arrived, there weren't many people so we just walked around and took photos. Around the UN building there is a huge sculpture of a chair with three legs known as The Broken Chair. The wooden monument was built as a symbol against landmines and is now still standing to symbolize peace to visiting nations.

After visiting the UN building we were hungry and eager for lunch. We walked back near the apartment we were staying at and found a Indian Restaurant. It was by far the best Indian food I have ever had in my life. It was so good! I might have been because we were hungry, but it was absolutely delicious. After lunch, we walked along Lake Geneva until the evening. It was so beautiful and also we got to see the locals walking along.

We watched the sunset and then returned to the apartment for a good night's sleep. The following morning we headed to the train station to continue our adventures in Europe, crossing to the Italian Alps towards at our next destination.

Before leaving Switzerland we had to eat some of the famous Swiss chocolate, so we bought some at a gift shop and were off to the train station. Our trip to Geneva, Switzerland was a short and quiet, but a nice experience.

written by Isabella


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