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Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Belgium is a country in Western Europe, Brussels is the capital and largest city. Belgium is a beautiful country with amazing architecture and many different people. In Belgium they speak French, Dutch and German. In Brussels the biggest attraction is the Manneken Pis. Manneken Pis is a small bronze statue of a little boy peeing into a fountain, we visited the landmark and were surprised by how remarkably small the statue was. The fountain is located in a corner and you will know it is there because you will find a lot of people trying to take a picture of the small figure.

The Grand Place was beautiful and surrounded by buildings including the Town Hall and the King's House, where the Brussel City museum is located. Some of the houses were once occupied by famous people, including famous dukes ( Dukes of Brabant) and Victor Hugo, a famous French author, who stayed in one of the houses.

Outside the Grand Place there was a statue of Everad t’Serclaes which people touch in order to have good luck and have wishes fulfilled. Everad t'Serclaes was a citizen of the city of Brussels who helped push the Flemish troops from Brussels. In the Grand Place most of the statues are gilded meaning they are coated with gold.

Belgium is famous for its waffles so we ate some and they were delicious! There are many shops selling waffles with different toppings, like fruits and chocolate sauces or caramel.

The fries made in Belgium were amazing as well since they originated in Belgium, something still disputed with France. Belgium was an amazing place full of excitement and amazing people and food, I learned a lot about their culture and I am happy we went.

written by Sofia


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