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White Water Rafting in Costa Rica!

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

While we were on our trip to Costa Rica one summer, we decided to go white water rafting. White water rafting is going on an inflatable raft with a group of people. We decided to go on a river called Rio Savegre. Rio Savegre is located in Quepos and it is one of the cleanest rivers in Costa Rica.

On the day we planned on going we had to wake up early and take a mini bus to the river. Once we were there we geared up. We put on our water shoes because they are necessary since there are rocks, and life jackets in case you fall in. They also gave us a paddle and taught us how to use one. Before we entered the water they warned and showed us what to do in the case of someone falling in. They explained that if one does fall in, they should put their feet up and go with the flow of the water. They said not to move around a lot or try to stand up because one could get scratches from the rocks or even hit their head badly.

Anyways, we then got in the boat and began our journey. While we were on the big raft boat with a guide, there was also another guide on a kayak and a photographer following us.

Going along the river was really fun but there were some parts that were scary. Like on the first bump we did, we were all terrified after because it was scary. But then we got used to it. We also got soaking wet because our tour guide went on a really big bump three times so that the photographer could get a great picture. Overall it was a very fun and wet experience.

Halfway through the trip we stopped and took a little hike to a waterfall. It was so beautiful and they gave us snacks that were incredible. We were out at the bottom of a waterfall eating sweet pineapple and cookies and admiring the view.

On our way back to the base it was pretty calm or we just got used to it. Also, we were allowed to jump in the water in one area of the river. My siblings and I jumped and the water was freezing cold! It was so cold that I only stayed in there for like five minutes. Once we made it to the base we drove back, but we stopped somewhere to change and to drink something. I had some very delicious Fanta Kolita and the adults had some beer. Once again we were amazed with the view, there was an avocado tree right in front of us and a mountain behind it. It was an unforgettable trip.

written by Isabella


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